Positive and Negative Sides of GST and its Impact on Consumer

  • Dr. Ruchi Dixti Lecturer, Department of Sanskrit, Government Girls Inter College, Kanpur


Because the GST is a game changer for many years of thought process about the Indian economy, the biggest milestone of the Indian government's indirect tax reforms take place at midnight on June 30th. The GST Council changed the tax rate while maintaining the tax rate on 1,211 items on 18% mats. The GST can include taxes at central and state level 17 and 23, but it still has enough to compensate for the benefits of this far-reaching reform. GST does not have a uniform impact on the sections of everyone. For the country, it is so simple, and transparency for an even tax and export, increase business people, but free of state tax hikes means that you are still shrouded in speculation for the consumer. This narrative study attempts to demonstrate the impact of GST on the ultimate consumer and tries to reveal the overall reduction of the tax burden and the transparency of the product. The study recommends that the GST Council ensure and monitor that consumers enjoy all the benefits of tax cuts.


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