Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises in Concurrence with GST

  • Dr. Niraj Shukla Assistant Prof., Department of Commerce, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Urdu Farsi University, Lucknow.


GST is a huge revolution that is expected in tax regimes in many countries and is one of the biggest tax reforms since independence. GST is an indirect tax system that uses technology. The recent MSME sector is expected to grow further as a result of recent reforms. It contributes to national GDP and exports. The MSME sector is likely to benefit from extensive tax reforms and there are concerns about the different provisions and procedures. Current research is being conducted to investigate the extent of GST's impact on MSME. This study analyzes how the launch of GST differs from MSME. This study also helps researchers to analyze the different opportunities and problems that are provided to MSME by the GST implementation.


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Conference Paper