GST ON Housing Finance Company

  • Dr. Amit Kumar Gupta Assistant Prof., Department of Commerce, Dayanand Anglo Vedic PG College, Kanpur


The Goods and Services Tax Act (GST) was adopted on 1 July 2017 to create a uniform detergent. The Lok Sabha Approved GST Act of 29 March 2017 is a comprehensive, multi-level, subject-based tax on all added value. Since the beginning we have tried to understand this process that revolutionizes the way the whole nation has replaced and taxed multiple levels of taxation. Aspects such as mortgage loans and house purchase in construction are attracted by the GST on real estate that could indirectly influence the final price of the house buyer. This study aims to gain insight into the impact of GST on Indian loans for residential mortgages and the impact of GST on home buyers. To do this, the data is collected using a secondary source.


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Conference Paper