Purchase Behaviour in Organised Retail Stores Its Impact and Assessment

  • Dr. Shruti pandey Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce Islamia College of Commerce, Gorakhpur


Retail means a deal between a seller and a consumer for personal consumption. According to the American Management Association, "A retail business is a series of business activities that are performed to conduct goods and services exchanges, either in stores or non-store sales, for individuals, families or households." A word derived from a word means "cut a piece." Therefore, the retail activity is separate from manufacturers and wholesalers and mainly functions to sell products to end users for their own purposes. Organized retail is defined as "retail chain owned by the business chain, which is registered in supermarkets and large retailers and retailers and who are small or fully owned by private individuals or groups of other large retailers who pay sales tax, "(Guruswamy, 2005) Unorganized retail sales on the other side, For example: Reliance Trends, Spencer’s, Reebok, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Peter England, Big Bazaar e n Raymond’s, for example. Stores, staffed general stores, Phan / Beddi stores, convenience stores and packaging vendors


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