Balancing Life in Working Lifestyle

  • Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce Hiralal Ramniwas PG College, Khalilabad, Sant Kabir Nagar


In recent years, the balance between work and private life has become very important as the number of double-acting couples increases. Family and professional life are essential for everyone, and if not properly maintained, they can cause stress and tension, leading to a variety of illnesses. In the case of dual pairs, this topic is more important because they both have to work and at the same time assume responsibilities for the family. The aim of this study is to review useful literature on the balance of working life and to identify factors that cause problems. The refusal of work and family life can cause conflicts and disharmony, both in work and at home. It has been observed that the traditional views of men hinder the spouse of an employee who is assumed to be overburdened by women and who sacrifices priorities for the fulfillment of family duties. There are several factors, such as function timing, workload, lack of family and spouse due to stress and imbalance. Subsequent studies show that they understand their role in helping employees keep work and life in balance by providing day care, home work, hourly jobs and flexible working hours.


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Conference Paper