Prospective and Strategies Managing Cross Culture Diversity in Workplace

  • Dr. Niraj Singh Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Digvijai Nath PG College, Gorakhpur


Depending on the business need to accept people from different ethnic backgrounds, growing with the EU within the joint venture and the increase in cross-border partnerships is an increasing need to develop cultural sensitivity while injuries are a global business. Cultural ignorance or insensitivity can cause problems in international business. It is therefore necessary to understand cultural differences. Cultural differences in modern times play an important role in the workplace because of the competing international projects. The varied cultural diversity of our employees is perhaps the most urgent task of our time. This report analyzes can be avoided in the construction of a culturally diverse culture in the workplace and cultural features that provide the key conditions to take advantage of the strategic value and benefits, the benefits of diversity within the diversity of workplace pitfalls


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Conference Paper