Impact of Determinants of FDI on Indian Economy

  • Dr Manoj Awasthi Asso.Prof., Deptt.of Commerce, V.S.S.D.P.G College, Kanpur


Development economies such as India need capital inflows in terms of foreign direct investment. This is necessary for the development of basic infrastructure such as roads, railways, warehouses, banks and insurance services. Many countries around the world may have insufficient infrastructure due to a lack of money. Foreigners can invest in one country. In order to achieve economic reforms and maintain economic growth and pace, India needs foreign direct investment (FD), a strategic element of investment. This document is intended to identify determinants that influence the Indian economy. The study also tries to find out how FDI is seen as an important economic catalyst for economic growth in India by promoting domestic investment, promoting the formation of human capital and facilitating technology transfer. The main goal of this study is to determine the determinants and their impact on the Indian economy


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