Sustainable Development Through Information Communication Technology

  • Nidhi Neanam Research Scholar, Department of Education, Raja Harpal Singh P.G. Collage, Jaunpur, U.P.


Sustainable development is one of the most discussed and most significant societal challenges faced in today’s world. With increased environmental consciousness everybody is ensuring sustainability in their operations. Information Technology plays a major role in ensuring sustainable economic, social and environmental development. Amalgamation of Information Technology with sustainable development will helps in ensuring rapid and greener development. These two sectors are always considered to be complementary to each other.

IT sector plays an enormous role in implementation of techniques which ensure sustainability in operations. Information technology ensures reduction in consumption of scare resources, reduction and elimination of poverty Information technology is recognized as an all-purpose enabling tool for sustainable development, IT is made up of 4C’s i.e. computing, connectivity, content and capacity (human). Information technology does not only include computers and telephones, it is much more than that.

 It is involved in almost everything. It plays major role in economic growth and development, information technology is considered to be the means as well as the end for the development. Economy’s social and economic growth and development in sustainable manner depends upon ICT.

Information technology ensures efficiency, provide competitiveness, new business models and opportunities and also ensure transparency and empowerment. Sustainability requires better technological, organizational, institutional and social changes which can be achieved with the help of information technology. Information technology is one of the most powerful things in today’s scenario which ensures economic, social and environmental development by marinating sustainability. With the use if ICT process of sustainable development can be accelerated and can ensure easy implantation


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