Women Empowerment In Changing Indian Society

  • Richa Chaurasia Research Fellow, Department of Education, University of Allahabad, Allahabad, U.P.


The roles of women in India have been changing and they are now emerging from the past traditions into a new era of freedom and rights. The basic objective of this paper is to examine the changing role of women due to globalization in Indian society. This concern is not merely academic but is central to the process of emerging development in India. There is a need to critically evaluate the impact of globalization on women in India and also to know the positive & negative impacts of it on the position of women in India present. At the same time this paper also through light on the contribution of women in the economic development in India and share of women workforce in the economy.

Key words: Women empowerment, Globalization, Effect of Globalization, Factors of Effective Globalization, Economic Development etc.


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