Women Empowerment

  • Aparna Nidhi Assistant Prof., BIET, Lucknow, U. P.


Women empowerment is very critical issue all over the world. Everyone said- women equality with men is necessary, but No one can support women for their decision. In society, in organization and also in family every where women faced many types of problems. Every where women exploited by family member and society. Every women wants freely life and she wants maintain her dignity in every face of life. Have equal rights to take decision in family and I think women have effective management decision about their family members. Today’s generation promote women safety, women empowerment and women employment but everyone want to show sympathy for women but no one can speciously take hard step for women. Today’s Rape cases increase day in cities and highly increases in metro cities. I want ask, where is women safety?

Everyone wants women as a doll, try to dominate and attract women in every phase of life According to Michalle Obama “These are no limit to want us, as women can accomplish.” This is very true, because, women can handle office and family responsibility easily before marriage some responsibility she can bear and after marriage she also handle another family responsibilities and financial responsibility. So she can accomplish every goal of life without a half of man power. According to Madona” I am tough, I am ambitious and I know exactly what I want, if that makes me a bitch. This thought is very appreciated because even any family and any society always pointed to women when she is working everyone said- she is very ambitious and arrogant, and when she is house wife, everyone said- she is homely and nostalgic she never and bear any type of professional responsibility, but still she can perform everywhere, in best manner, because society such a filled with bogus people and mentally distorted people. This song is very suited it the society” Kuch to log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehnayou can do anything, society always pointed to you. According to me, why do you fit in a glass, please shattered the glass, change your dream, chase, your ambition, become a best version of yourself love yourself. And crack the all boundaries of society because no can stand for you. According to Melinda Gates” A Women with a voice is by definition a strong woman. “True,” if you are strong, you should have strong voice for your right, and always try to dominate society with your decision. When society support women empowerment women easily support economic development. Present time, women perform every field of industries and she can do best work. Economic development not increase with the help of industries, when women are related with their work in her always appreciated.

Key Words:         Women empowerment, development, responsibility, society, safety.


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