Women Entrepreneurship and its History

  • Dr. Meera Singh Associate Professor, U P Autonomous College, Varanasi, U.P.
  • Dr. Rinku Singh U P Autonomous College, Varanasi, U.P.


Development compared to other countries the development of women entrepreneurs is very low in India, especially in Rural areas. However, women of middle class are not too eager to alter their role in fear of social backlash. The progress is more visible among upper class cities in urban cities. Factors like political instability, poor infrastructure, high production costs and non-conductive business environment affect women entrepreneurs more than men. Limited access to key resources like land and credit, legal and socio-cultural environment also act as serious impediments. In the era of globalization changing pattern of trade and evolving technologies necessitate skill enhancement that many entrepreneurs in the continent are yet to possess. This paper focuses on role played by women entrepreneurs in the economic development of India. The paper also talks about the status of women entrepreneurs.

Keywords: Entrepreneurs Growth, Women Entrepreneurs, Contribution of women entrepreneurs.


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