The Effect of Entrepreneurship on Foreign Direct Investment in India

  • R.N. Singh Income Tax Officer, District- Raisen, (Madhya Pradesh)
  • Dr. Kiran Yadav Project Consultant, Department of Educational Finance, National University of Educational Planning & Administration, New Delhi


Entrepreneurship has become an important and extensively researched concept in business studies. Research on foreign direct investment (FDI) has become widespread due to the growth of FDI and its importance in globalization. Most entrepreneurship studies examined the importance and influence of entrepreneurial orientation in a micro-level context. On the other hand, studies and research concerning FDI used statistical techniques to analyze the effect, determinants, and motives of FDI on a macroeconomic level, ignoring empirical studies on other noneconomic determinants. In order to bridge the gap between the theory and empirical evidence on FDI and the theory and research on entrepreneurship, this study examines the impact of entrepreneurship on inward foreign direct investment. The relationship between entrepreneurship and foreign direct investment is investigated through regression analysis of pooled time-series and cross-sectional data. The results suggest that entrepreneurship has a significant effect on FDI.

Keywords:Entrepreneurship, foreign direct investment, globalization, economic freedom.


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