Impact of Economic and Political Policies on Indian Economy during Indira Gandhi Government

  • Dr. V.N Gupta Associate Professor, Department of Commerce, Pt. Lalit Mohan Sharma Government P.G College, Rishikesh (U.K.)


This paper examines the economic and political growth during reign of First lady Prime Minister (Iron lady) Indira Gandhi of India. Political Environment and Government policy always create the real base of Economic development and in turn raising the standard of living of people. When she took over as Prime Minister of India our economy deadly require reforms. It was the era of nationalization to serve society in a better manner.

Under her transformational style of leadership India succeeded in creating a sound base for economy.  She not only plays a vital role in development of Public Sector Undertaking but also create a strong base for Private sector keeping in mind social welfare. These studies discuss the policies laid down by her Government that still guides India economic and Political path.

Key words: Transformational, reign, reforms, G.D.P.


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