Digital Services In Digital India

  • Akansha Shukla Lecturer, Department of Education, Aryakul Group of Education,Bijnaur, Lucknow
  • Hiba Khan Research Scholar, Department of Commerce & Business Management, Integral University, Lucknow


Digital India is all about inculcating the techniques of digitalization in every sphere in such a manner to enhance the existing scenario and its working. Furthering this vision, the Modi government has widened the scope and launched the Digital India Programme in 2014, which is scheduled to be completed by 2019. The Project will be monitored by the Prime Minister. In today’s economy the main concern of any of the under-developed and developing country is raising of every possible modes of job opportunities. Many of the economists have already specified the various advantages attached to creation of job opportunities. It is treated has one of main sources of creating economic stability with a simultaneous increase in national income.


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