Digital India: A Roadmap For The Growth Of Rural India

  • Brijesh Kumar Yadav Research scholar, Department of Commerce and Management, Integral University, Lucknow, UP.
  • Sudhakar Pushkar Research scholar, School of Management, BBAU, Lucknow, UP


It is a widely known undeniable fact that digital India is that the outcome of the many innovations and technological advancements. These rework the lives of individuals in many ways and can empower the society during a higher manner. The 'Digital India' programmes associate initiative of honorable Prime Minister mister. Narendra Modi, can emerge new progressions in each sector and generates innovative endeavors’ for Next. The motive behind the idea is to make participative, clear and responsive system. The Digital India Republic of India Bharat Asian country Asian nation drive could be a dream project of the Indian Government to transform India into a knowledgeable economy and digitally sceptered society, with sensible governance for voters by conveyance synchronization and coordination publicly answerability, digitally connecting and delivering the govt. programs and services to mobilize the potential of knowledge technology across government departments.
Today, each nation needs to be absolutely digitalized and this programme strives to supply equal profit to the user and repair supplier. Hence, a trial has been created during this paper to grasp Digital India-as a campaign wherever technologies and property can move to form an effect on all aspects of governance and improve the standard of lifetime of voters. The general programme is targeted to develop India for a knowledgeable future by developing central technology for permitting revolution that covers several departments beneath one umbrella programme. The most objective of this analysis paper is to check the positive impact that conversion of Indian economy can wear the expansion and development of Rural Indian Sector.
Key Words: Digital India, Digital Technology, e-Kranti, e-Governance, Techno information Savvy, Digital, Cloud Computing.


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