Higher Education In India: Challenges, Opportunities And Suggestions

  • Priyanka Gupta C.C.S. PG. College, Heowara, Etawah, UP


Higher education sector in India is undergoing rapid transformation. Since Independence this sector has growth remarkably. The country now has the largest higher education in the world in terms of number of institution; it holds the second largest place in terms of student enrollment. However despite this impressive statistics, there are still many inadequacies that plague the sector. India’s GER (Gross Enrollment Ratio) not only significantly lags behind that of developed nations such as US, Switzerland, Japan and UK but also that of developing countries including China, Brazil, Malaysia and Philippines. Rising co- modification, substandard quality, inappropriate measures of assessment, lack of focus on quality research and development, poor infrastructure and faculty shortages are some of the enormous issues that the education sector is currently grappling with. This paper seeks the challenges and opportunities of higher education in India and also talks about some suggestions for making India a real knowledge hub.
Keywords: Higher Education, Research, Challenges, Opportunity, Enrollment


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