Role Of Higher Education In Human Resources Development

  • Mrs. Hema Pandey Department of Economics, Lamgara Degree Collge, Lamgara, Almora, Uttarakhand.


Education is an integral part of life. Development and education are the two sides of a coin and education facilitates development at every stage of life. The essence of human resource development is education, which plays a significant role in balancing the socio-economic fabric of the Country. Higher education has a key role in the development of any nation. This Chapter focuses on the role of higher education in human resource development. It contains the purpose and function of HRD, definition of human development index with global position of India in respect to human development and role of HRD in higher education focusing the human resource development of students, teachers and non-teaching staffs in higher education institutions. The aim of HRD is to improve the performance of the employees. Thus, the purpose of HRD is to enhance learning, human potential and high performance in work-related systems and contribute to sustainable human development. In other words, the purpose of HRD is to provide opportunities for improving skills with the aim of efficient utilization of human resource in order to meet organizational objectives. There are three main areas of human resource development, human resource management, quality improvement and career development. Manpower planning, proper selection of personnel, motivating, training, updating human skills, appraisal of performance, and caring for their welfare are all considered as important aspects of HRD. Education helps to improve all aspect of human life and make the person of resources of country.


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