A Study of Adaptive Bitrate Streaming Techniques Using Mobile Agents: Network Evaluation

  • Prof P. K. Bharti


In this document, we provide some insight and background into the Adaptive Bit rate streaming over HTTP protocol. This document will describe how a client (Device) in the network may use the provided information to establish a streaming service for the user and works by detecting a user's bandwidth and CPU capacity in real time and adjusting the quality of a video stream accordingly. It requires the use of an encoder at Server which can encode a single source high Bit rate video at multiple bit rates. The player client switches between available multiple bit rate stored in manifest file. This document will also give some insight into the situation when multiple players compete for the available bandwidth and in spite of having constant bitrate for some situation; player oscillates between the different bitrates. We also provide some suggestions to this oscillation problem by giving a server based solution in which rate shaping at the clients takes place whenever there is oscillation in the bitrate between two players.


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