Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya and Vedic Ideals of Education in University Education system

  • Rakesh Kumar Tiwari Government Degree College, Unnao (U.P)
  • Dr. Meeta Arora Government Degree College, Unnao (U.P)


Since education has been linked with employment and not knowledge in present society, The Vedic system is dying due to lack of employment potentials. Moral education was a perennial aim of Vedic education. The function of university, were not only to make the people knowledgeable but also to make them well cultured. However, with industrialization, I personally feel that moral education has lost its roots. We are living in an age of rapid scientific and technological change; we also do not deny that such changes have varying impacts on different social groups within the same society and across different societies. We have ignored the ideals of truth in search of material life. The principles of Vedic education have been a source of inspiration to all educational system of the world. These days it has become a big problem for modern institutions that how to tackle with the students and how to impart moral values, because due to indiscipline educational environment has become so venomous. There is no sense of discipline among modern students. The technology which we can use for improving our knowledge and skills but we have made it harmful by often using it for entertainment purpose only. Ultimate aim of Vedic education was development of personality and character.


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